👉 Some key technical Lightning updates in 2020 - Advancing Bitcoin

Inspired by a tweet, the folks over at Advancing Bitcoin have summarised the big technical updates to lightning implementations that have been rolled out in 2020 so far. ️

  • Watchtowers - A service that watches the blockchain for you.
  • Lightning Loop (previously Submarine Swaps) A service that gets your funds in and out of the lightning network easily.
  • LSAT - Authentication and Payments for the lightning-Native Web.
  • LNURL - A standard built on top of lightning to improve the user flow.
  • WUMBO - Bigger channels.
  • Keysend - Get paid without an invoice.
  • Multi part payments (MPP) - Optimised payment routing.
  • Point Hash Time Lock(PTLC) - Fancy contracts.