👉 Bitcoin’s 2020 In Tech

“Seemingly undisturbed by 2020’s craziness, and largely unfazed by bitcoin’s wild price swings that concluded with new all-time highs in December, Bitcoin’s technical community continues to plow ahead. Bitcoin’s software and the many projects around it were gradually improved throughout the year, as software was optimized, bugs fixed and privacy leaks patched. The bulk of this work, as vital as much of it is, doesn’t attract headlines.”
“Yet, a bird’s-eye view on Bitcoin’s tech development over the span of a year helps highlight new milestones in Bitcoin’s ongoing technological march forward. In 2020, too, the consistently growing Bitcoin development community introduced a number of useful new features, several particularly important upgrades and some especially notable improvements.”

👉 Bitcoin 2020 Annual Review

“2020 was the year of the first wave of big institutional players dipping their toes into Bitcoin after observing it for some time. Those of us who are dedicated to this system shall continue to BUIDL and add value; we have no control over the market but I expect that this is only the beginning of the next wave of adoption.”

“Every day that goes by and Bitcoin hasn’t collapsed due to legal or technical problems, that brings new information to the market. It increases the chances of Bitcoin’s eventual success and justifies a higher price.” - Hal Finney

👉 The Lightning Network’s 2020

“Built on top of Bitcoin, the Lightning Network is a scaling solution that allows users to send and receive funds near-instantly and at minimal cost, by taking transactions off-chain. Launched into its beta phase in March of 2018, Lightning is often regarded as Bitcoin’s most promising approach to scaling transactions for daily use.
We took a look at the Lightning Network’s growth throughout 2020 and developments to look forward to in the coming year.”

👉 Saving With Bitcoin Was Never So Cool As In 2020

“There used to be some semblance of an interest rate and return for savers. But as those have been driven to almost zero in nominal terms, and negative in real terms, well-known investors have now openly acknowledged the value of bitcoin as a store of value. We saw billionaire investors, money managers and public company CEOs speak out with bullish points of view on Bitcoin: Paul Tudor Jones, Stanley Druckenmiller, Bill Miller, Larry Fink and Rick Rieder of BlackRock, Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy and Jack Dorsey of Square.”

“We’ve seen impressive growth and development in tooling that enables Bitcoin use in more self-sovereign ways, from node packages, to wallet software, hardware wallets, Lightning Network and continuing advancement at Bitcoin’s protocol level. Many who only took a cursory look in past years will take a deeper dive, and others who invested a small amount will increase the size of their investment after being validated in their thesis.”