👉 Bitcoin Optech #163

  • summarizes a discussion about setting LN channel base fees to zero
  • includes tenth post in the series about preparing for taproot: PTLCs:

With taproot, the left branch can become a keypath and the right branch can become a tapleaf. If the payment routes successfully, Bob and Carol can settle their parts onchain without further cooperation from their counterparties, making this routed payment indistinguishable from single-sig payments, normal multisignature payments, and cooperatively resolved contracts. It also minimizes the use of block space. If one of the refund conditions needs to be executed, that’s still fairly efficient and fairly private—pk(x) && older(n) is indistinguishable from degrading multisig, enforced hodling, and a variety of other possible scripts.

  • Popular questions and answers from the Bitcoin StackExchange
  • Rust-Lightning 0.0.100
  • Bitcoin Core 22.0rc2
  • Bitcoin Core 0.21.2rc1
  • Notable code and documentation changes