👉 Bitcoin Optech #167

  • describes proposed BIP process change
  • summarizes a package relay plan
  • links to a LN node info in DNS chat
  • Lightning Address identifiers announced
  • ZEBEDEE releases LN wallet browser extension
  • Specter v1.6.0 supports single-key taproot
  • Impervious releases LN P2P data API
  • Fully Noded v0.2.26 released
  • includes fourteenth post in the series about preparing for taproot: testing on signet:

Although you can’t safely use taproot before block 709,632 on mainnet, you can use taproot today with either testnet or signet. Compared to creating a local test network with Bitcoin Core’s regtest mode, as done in the Optech taproot workbooks, using testnet or signet makes it easier to test how your wallet interacts with other people’s wallets.

  • Bitcoin Core 0.21.2rc2
  • Notable code and documentation changes