👉 Bitcoin Optech #168

  • summarizes a proposal for DLC spec breaking changes
  • examines closed channel recovery using BIP32 seeds
  • describes stateless LN invoices
  • Popular questions and answers from the Bitcoin StackExchange
  • includes fifteenth post in the series about preparing for taproot: signmessage protocol still needed

If implemented, generic signmessage will allow signing messages for P2TR outputs that are truly single-sig, which use multisignatures, or which use any tapscript. It will also provide backwards compatibility with all legacy and bech32 addresses as well as forward compatibility with the types of changes currently envisioned for the near future (some of which we’ll preview in a future preparing for taproot column). Applications with access to the full UTXO set (e.g. via a full node) can also use BIP322 to generate and validate reserve proofs, providing evidence that the signer controlled a certain amount of bitcoin at a certain time.

  • Bitcoin Core 0.21.2
  • Notable code and documentation changes