👉 Bitcoin Optech #173

Bitcoin Optech #173

  • discussion about submitting transactions directly to miners
  • taproot wallet implementation test vectors
  • includes twentieth post in the series about preparing for taproot: What happens at taproot activation?

In almost any failure circumstance we can imagine, a simple but effective temporary response is to raise your confirmation limit. If you normally wait for 6 confirmations before accepting a payment, you can quickly raise that 30 confirmations for a few hours until the problem has been resolved or it becomes clear that an even higher confirmation limit is required.
For users and services that are convinced the economic consensus of full node operators will enforce taproot’s rules, an even simpler solution is to only get information about which transactions are confirmed from Bitcoin Core 0.21.1 or later (or a compatible alternative node implementation).

  • Bitcoin Core 0.20.2
  • C-Lightning 0.10.2rc2
  • Notable code and documentation changes