👉 Bitcoin Optech #273

  • Antoine Riard posted to the Bitcoin-Dev and Lightning-Dev mailing list the full disclosure of an issue he had previously responsibly disclosed to developers working on the Bitcoin protocol and various popular LN implementations…
  • Robin Linus posted to the Bitcoin-Dev mailing list a paper he’s written about BitVM, a combination of methods that allows bitcoins to be paid to someone who successfully proves that an arbitrary program executed successfully. Notably, this is possible on Bitcoin today - no consensus change is required…
  • Andrew Chow posted to the Bitcoin-Dev mailing list with a draft BIP, partly on prior work by Sanket Kanjalkar, for adding several fields to all versions of PSBTs for the “keys, public nonces, and partial signatures produced with MuSig2.”
  • Changes to services and client software
  • Bitcoin Core 24.2rc2
  • Bitcoin Core 25.1rc1
  • Notable code and documentation changes
  • Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #273 Recap Podcast