👉 Bitcoin Tech Talk #239

Resisting the Siren Song of Altcoins. Bitcoin Tech Talk #239

The bad traders are like bad poker players. They are at the table to get lucky and play anything and everything, hoping to hit the jackpot. Instead of looking at the right signals to get in and get out, they go by feel and they lose money. In traditional markets, bad traders consist of about 90%, while the good ones consist of about 10%. In crypto, my trader friends estimate that the ratio is around 99% and 1%. Trading, like anything is a lot of work, requiring study, analysis and discipline. You don’t make money without putting in the time and effort. In other words, it’s a job and there’s significant opportunity cost in trading and not doing something you happen to be good at.

Bitcoin Tech Talk #239 also includes updates on the following:

  • Bitcoin
  • Lightning
  • Economics, Engineering, Etc.
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