👉 Bitcoin Tech Talk #240

Bitcoin is More Credible than Elon. Bitcoin Tech Talk #240

The first error is that of treating Bitcoin as a technology only. This is generally borne out of hubris, especially from technically-minded people. After all, he’s made a better rocket, a better electric car, and better tunnels. How hard can it be to build a better money? This would be true if money were like mouse traps, where incremental technical improvement is the main criteria for market adoption.

Unfortunately, money is not just a technology that you use now, money requires trust in its ability to hold value in the future. Thus, the feature that gets market adoption is having credible long-term scarcity. This is not a feature you can just bolt onto any money. Credibility is earned through historical record, not built like a battery or a tunnel.

Bitcoin Tech Talk #240 also includes updates on the following:

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