👉 Bitcoin Tech Talk #265

Raoul Pal: Monetary Aristocrat. Bitcoin Tech Talk #265

There have been many rage quits, many defections, many people who thought that taking their ball and going home, or to another game, would cause Bitcoin to collapse. What all of these people didn’t realize is that their balls doesn’t matter. There are fundamental economic laws at play and they’re not subject to a vote. Unlike fiat, you can’t change the monetary policy to create your favored outcome.
Bitcoin is the hardest money and it’s going to destroy every other money, even if you lend the opponent your support. Bitcoin will happily chug along, and its hardness is more compelling than your endorsement. This is why we call Bitcoin a peaceful revolution. We are overthrowing monetary aristocrats and it is they who will become obsolete.

Bitcoin Tech Talk #265 also includes updates on the following:

  • Bitcoin
  • Lightning
  • Economics, Engineering, Etc.
  • Quick Hits
  • Jimmy’s attended events and podcasts