👉 Bitcoin Tech Talk #283

Killing DINOs. Bitcoin Tech Talk #283

Centralization means that the rules are subject to change. Somebody in charge can change everything to your detriment. Google might make gmail a paid product at any time, for example, and you would have little to no recourse. This makes planning anything for the long term with centralized services risky, like marrying a Kardashian.

Decentralization means that the rules changes require consensus. Everybody has to agree to changes in the system. That makes planning around decentralization much easier because there’s a lot more certainty. If you own 1 BTC now, it will be 1/21,000,000 of the total supply forever. Bitcoin has credible scarcity going forward because Bitcoin users don’t have to trust anyone in order to believe this is true. They can verify this is true constantly by running software.

Bitcoin Tech Talk #283 also includes updates on the following:

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