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  • The Bitcoin Renaissance Is in Full Swing: How Lightning Will Connect Everything Off-Chain ๐ŸŒโ›“๏ธ

Federation-based solutions like fedimints, cashu, and spiderchains are all similar in that some group of off-chain operators receive bitcoin payments on-chain, and then mint new tokens backed (to varying degrees) by those new bitcoin deposits off-chain. This means that securely moving funds into and out of these solutions requires waiting an hour for multiple bitcoin block confirmations. For this reason, all of the federation-based solutions are building ways to connect to the Lightning Network so their users can send and receive instant payments to the many wallets, exchanges, and merchants already connected to Lightning. This makes Lightning the interoperability layer between these new systems! These new off-chain environments will only serve to expand the network effects of Lightning as a global routing protocol, bringing more users and more volume and keeping the flywheel spinning.

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