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  • To Bitcoin and Beyond: How Taro Expands the Lightning Universe 🌌⚡️

At a time where there’s a global currency crisis with the Bank of Japan re-implementing yield curve control and the Bank of England restarting quantitative easing, the Lightning community continues to grow the financial network of the future.

We are grateful to the bitcoin developer community for their valuable feedback, and have incorporated it into the draft Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (BIPs), which specify the protocol, and the Taro alpha release.

Each new entrant to the network brought new users, who by making transactions produced more volume, which helps routing nodes earn more fees, which induces more capital allocation to the network, improving its utility and causing more and larger entrants to join the network. As detailed last year in this newsletter, the flywheel is really starting to spin and this network effects-based growth is really beginning to compound on itself.

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