👉 The Sat Standard - Bitcoin Weekly - July 10th, 2021

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  • Bitcoin Optech #156
  • Bisq discloses substantial privacy vulnerability
  • Former CFTC chair advocates for a bitcoin ETF
  • Casa client drugged by Tinder date in attempted bitcoin theft
  • Kaspersky password manager was generating insecure passwords
  • Bybit adding KYC
  • FINCEN hires a “chief digital currency advisor” with justice department experience
  • EU parliament approves mass surveillance of private communications
  • Samourai wallet v0.99.96i released
  • Mempool v2.2.0 released
  • New feature allows you to coinjoin directly to cold storage using Whirlpool
  • Brenntag paid a 70 bitcoin ransom to darkside in May
  • Nuclear powered mining op in South Carolina
  • Hydropower mining op in New York
  • This month in bitcoin privacy
  • Bitcoin and the american idea by Gladstein
  • Diverter on freedom