👉 The Sat Standard - Bitcoin Weekly - July 3rd, 2021

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  • Bitcoin Optech #155
  • Athena to install 1500 bitcoin atms in el salvador
  • Bisq v1.7.0
  • Cwtch beta released
  • Strike adds buy and hold support
  • Largest downward difficulty adjustment yesterday at 27.9%
  • Proposal for federated blind lightning mints
  • Nuclear powered mining in South Carolina
  • Niftynei on dual funded channels and privacy
  • Iranian government exempts 30 mining operators amid moratorium
  • Binance adds travel rule tool from ciphertrace
  • Nearly all 700M linkedin users exposed in API compromise
  • Microsoft executive testifies that they receive 7 to 10 requests a day to provide info on US citizens to the government