👉 The Sat Standard - Bitcoin Weekly - June 12th, 2021

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  • Bitcoin Optech #152
  • Taproot bitcoin upgrade has locked-in
  • El Salvador declares bitcoin legal tender
  • Legal tender move pissed off IMF
  • DOJ seizes 63.7 bitcoin connected to Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack
  • Global bank regulators propose burdensome bitcoin capital rule
  • White House advisor disclosures million dollar bitcoin position
  • Blockstream and Square announce solar mining initiative
  • Square announces $5M bitcoin endowment
  • Rumours that Indian Government will be more positive toward bitcoin going forward
  • Bitmex extends Gleb Naumenko grant
  • Microstrategy announces new private offering
  • Bitfinex invests in HodlHodl
  • Ledger raises $380 million
  • FBI ran an encrypted phone network ‘Anom’ with a backdoor
  • Apple announces new ‘private relay’ trust minimized VPN