👉 The Sat Standard - Bitcoin Weekly - June 19th, 2021

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  • Bitcoin Optech #153
  • Taproot upgrade has locked in, activation expected in november
  • Criminals mailing ledger customers compromised hardware wallets
  • US Bitcoin Mining Council formally launches
  • NY Electricians’ union successfully fights bitcoin mining ban
  • G7 leaders say ransomware is a priority
  • Ukrainian raids arrest six tied to CLOP ransomware
  • Biden and Putin meet for four hours with US threatening “cyber response” to ransomware
  • US Dems form “cryptocurrency working group
  • Microstrategy keeps buying bitcoin
  • Microstrategy considering stock sale
  • Swiss broker Relai raises $2.7M
  • FastBitcoins now available in Australia
  • Russell Okung’s letter to the Nigerian government as local support for bitcoin increases
  • Bitcoin Beach article in Bloomberg Businessweek
  • New guide from econoalchemist on coldcard + sparrow