👉 The Sat Standard - Bitcoin Weekly - October 29th, 2022

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  • Bitcoin Optech #223
  • Alby v1.18.0 Released: Adds Nostr Support
  • Publicly Traded Bitcoin Mining Firms Account for 25% of Total Bitcoin Hash Rate: Up from 10% a Year Ago
  • Two Chinese Intelligence Officers Charged with Obstruction of Justice in Scheme to Bribe U.S. Government Employee with $61000 in Bitcoin
  • Learning From The LND Bug That Could Have Robbed The Lightning Network
  • Chinese Spies Used Wasabi Wallet Coinjoin Tool to Pay Bitcoin Bribes to FBI Double Agent
  • 40 Million Cash App Users Can Now Receive Bitcoin Lightning Payments: Integrates BIP21 Unified QR Codes
  • Biden Administration Wants To Make It Easier To Seize Bitcoin Without Criminal Charges
  • Margin Squeeze - How Bitcoin Mining Revenues Evaporated over the Past Months
  • Kollider Raises $2.35M: Launches Lightning-Native Exchange, Synthetic Stablecoins, and Wallet
  • World’s Largest Bitcoin Mining Firm ‘Core Scientific’ Says It May Run Out of Cash: Halts Debt Payments Amid Solvency Risk
  • Popular Lightning Analytics Company ‘Amboss’ Launches Controversial Data Sharing Feature That Threatens Lightning Privacy
  • Sparrow Wallet v1.7.0: Sparrow Terminal, Raspi 64-bit OS Support, RBF “Transaction Cancel” Support, and More
  • New British PM Wants Surveillance Money