👉 This Month in WORDS Bitcoin Journal - July 2020

A Monthly Publication of Bitcoin’s Most Important Writings.

  • There will be bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin: A Global Standard of Value
  • Freedom Money – Bitcoin and the First Amendment
  • Masters and Slaves of Money
  • Soft money, Soft minds.
  • Bitcoin is more like ham radio than the early internet
  • Accepting Scarcity: A Bitcoin Meditation
  • The Path to Taproot Activation
  • Taproot: Why Activate?
  • 3 Reasons I’m Investing in Bitcoin
  • Ten Years of Bitcoin Market Data
  • The Alchemy of Hashpower, Part I.
  • Debunking Common Bitcoin Myths
  • Bitcoin: Separating Money From State
  • Bitcoin mining has the potential to save distressed heavy industrial businesses