👉 This Month in WORDS Bitcoin Journal - November 2020

A Monthly Publication of Bitcoin’s Most Important Writings - Better late than never!.

  • Bitcoin is the Most Sustainable Money The World Has Ever Seen
  • Our Most Brilliant Idea
  • The Costs that Haunt Your Dreams of Hyperbitcoinization
  • Lies, Deception And Unnatural Money
  • Tweet Thread - The Four Valuation Frameworks for Bitcoin
  • Exploring Bitcoin’s core values and why we defend them
  • How Bitcoin’s Power Consumption Is Good for the Planet
  • Banks, QE, and Money-Printing
  • The Intelligent Bitcoin Miner, Part I.
  • Tweet Storm - About Schnorr Sigs
  • An Open Letter to Friends and Family
  • Tweetstorm - Bitcoin and the power of incentives