👉 This Month in WORDS Bitcoin Journal - September 2020

A Monthly Publication of Bitcoin’s Most Important Writings.

  • Once Inflation Starts, It Won’t Be Contained
  • Bitcoin as a Tool for Secession
  • Different bitcoins different prices
  • Tweet Thread: What is an xpub?
  • Bitcoin is One for All
  • The Patoshi Mining Machine
  • Tweet Thread: PUELL’S 21 LAWS OF BITCOIN
  • Map of the Bitcoin Network
  • MPPs & Wumbo Channels: Optimizing Liquidity on the Lightning Network
  • The Alchemy of Hashpower, Part II.
  • Tweet Thread on the Lightning Network User Experience
  • Bitcoin In The Institutional Investment Portfolio
  • Things Bitcoiners Don’t Want To Hear
  • Tweet Thread: Chad Money
  • Why we may fail Lightning